Antrax extended version of poem translated from Aufgang Luz Nebulosa by Lisa Henriques Antrax The Shadows, Reflections of what we were, The substance that reveals us conscience: Fruit of fire that burns in silence What, reality confuses us, When it is defined by concepts so or more insufficient Or inexistent than the matter of Shadows… More Drawer


I sent the project to QuorumBallet and talked with my professor at the Dance Concervatoire they seem interested but have huge production already in motion Could this still be something to pusue on my lifetime, i do see it vividly meanwhile im translating my first book, on my details readings for my article and with… More Choreography


Lynx Studio — Avenida Berna, Lisboa Risco, esboço, ensaio, ilustração, imagem, símbolo, escrita, palavra, o que comunica. Sentido, sentimento, emoção. Arte, expressão, acção, visão. O Lynx Studio trabalha na área da ilustração, imagem corporativa e design gráfico e de comunicação. Funciona como atelier de imprensa e de escrita. Realiza estudos coreográficos e trabalha a criação… More Esboço


A escritora de policiais Ruth Rendell morreu aos 85 anos tempo para escrever suspeitar magicar vinganças sair do pesadelo urgente obrigado pela inspiração …

The Revolution

If it’s only strenth by hard power there will be no momment of pause, beauty, cause the only sound you hear are the guns shooting Looking for a live during civil war looks like a difficult task, breath deep the shotguns will stop shooting The rain can stop and there will be no life on… More The Revolution

I Ching

 Every union meets with challenges, and if we are not resolute against the effects of fear, doubt, despair, and anger, no lasting success will be possible in any relationship. This is a good time to ask yourself if you are displaying the steadfast correctness and strength of character that are at the heart of all… More I Ching