vs Davos

Registrations for the Alliances Day (6th Day)are already open
One particular day dedicated to convergences and alliances between the entities, organizations and their struggles in the World Social Forum 2009

The registrations for organizations and networks that want to offer assemblies for the Alliances Day (6th Day).

On February 1, 2009, the sixth and last day of the WSF Amazon, is the Alliances Day, which will be divided into two stages.

In the morning the assemblies will be held between the networks and entities with similar themes and struggles, which should lists concrete proposals on the campaigns, demonstrations or any other activity, action or reflection that should continue beyond the event of the WSF 2009.

In the afternoon, during the Assembly of the Assemblies, will be reading the proposals and referrals with the results of all the assemblies during the morning shift. It will be a public event scheduled to start at 3 P.M, giving visibility to the specific proposals of the participant movements of the WSF.

In the Assembly of the Assemblies the presentation of the results of convergence will be interspersed with artistic and cultural activities, marking the closure of the 2009 WSF Amazon.


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