I could have treated you better …

when all the words are spoken all we have seems like pain 

all the newspapers bring us back to the places where we were and remind us of our steps 

Is it Paris, the day of the manifestation, the police in there buses playing cards? 

or London after the rain 

the words unspoken and yet to be told awakening you for a new day, a new call, another bath of reality 

when colours transform you into the matter of dreams and questions rose with delight 

this micro waves not to cook but who design you and keep you connected into the human form 

displaying more days of ballet, dance outside the auditorium

It’s an london central street  in the way to Paradise Lane 

where all reunite and rejoice where death has no name and we walk 


could you be more than this 


They ask what are your purposes

where have you learn this words 

Could you overcome the fear of being left at the bookstore or waiting at the door 

could you understand this non differences that distinguish us 

is your voice proud, are you short on breath 

can you bring us closer to the perfect circle where we are so bored we just turn to our imperfections, 

can you wait to see your face on the louvre and ask what happen that day 

could you return to the place of origin and see the mirror image of yourself express

expressed in lines that you could hear in the echo of time 

when clear thoughts can make you feel 

and where you were is not so important has what you are

and to be is just the wind blowing thought space 

when all that you have claimed is yet to be asked of you 

when you came before them and say sorry for being late 

where all can question the origins but yet don’t know what is to question 

all have been heard  and sounded the same but then a note breaks the order and all comes into a different dimension 

you fall into a new music that was not yet there

bringing you a new feeling, a new groove 

so dancing you move forward with a new spirit 

from your channel of résonance

Notre ressort est ici


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