The places where you have been 

the questions rose by time 

the wonders that follow the fire of the heart 

the fire in your hears 

the noise of revelation of something like a goal 

could it be so obvious so simple 

you know you are going to die and have so much time 

could you define in words what you could do 

besides what you already do 

lost in action

lost in pain 

but again more can rise 

more can be 

first the reaction towards this 

then a little more confort 

no back pain 

lighter spirit 

simple text 

poetry rises again like this 

transforming you 

generating in you 

more than before


where you were 

lost in time 

travelling like your friends say 

or again doubting all is enought 

when so much is needed 

again in result of so much questions 

what was the reaction then 


so tired of repetition 

so tired of the same words in a different context 

a more defined approach 

more concentrated 

more grownup 

but what is the spirit that bring us toghether 

where is the answer to our calls 

could you come soon 


have you been away for so long 

it’s hard to come back and 

find a new place to start 


a new story 

a new character to follow the steps of eternity 

to show it’s own individuality 

where his he now 

where his he going 


could you come closer 

could you take attention to who you are 

it’s all written before 

but again i feel more open 

i feel more secure of my own capabilities 

where is the way 

what can we do now 

when all the great questions seem to have been answering it self 

well a great puzzle that you can solve 

a great mess that seems less like a mess and more like a different padorn?


Could you be the answer 

can we solve the great escape 

can we follow all our dreams


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