Year’s Review

It’s hard not to think of what you done in a year, i just gave clean up to my desk and even if not close to having everything set up i have an idea of what’s wrong. Catalogues of environment issues that never end, names of members to recicle and lot’s of papers with notes to analyse. Most of the work i’ve done in the past years are still taking much of my vital space and i wonder when i can move – i need a real office, and a clean white room.
The year was mix of much i have accomplished in my curricular accademic post graduate takes with a new writing enfase, my tutor and some crazy friendships made the year but not a fullfilling time still.
I have been happier in previous times, i have sense more autonomy from my side in previous ideas, now i’m looking forward to new job.
All the papers, good and bad, all the faces, new and old, all the places, revisited or just a new experience are part of what made this year such reflex of what could be so easy and still it’s so hard to keep it simple, to stay with the same ideas and stick to them. Like if i have been rewriting the obvious and bringing me back to new prospects everyday, trying to fool myself with the idea of evergrowing personality when in the end all i can do is write of a new women that was a young girl not long ago, so it only natural that still i fell close to what i am but want to achieve a better understanding of what i mean before the close stereotypes and all the fixed ideas and close realities that you can buy in a second.
So, i don’t want to be just another face with a page profile on the internet, having more than 1000 friends on facebook and a cool myspace i still haven’t put up my own songs – i will record in january and have a coreography to present when the time is right and yes, i’m a vogal of the direction of university choir and imagine by john lennon project was a full year project and it did work out just fine, a nice memory of the year no doubt.
I have been singing every week and the voice can be one of the things that bring me more plesure.
All the sounds of the year are saved with smiles and new pictures to come are eyes open wide with the sensation of being close to my objectives.
Since i publised my first book, i written lot’s of shorts and other texts including sinopses for films, and i must see some published soon, i will keep writing.
Most of my sleep, i do sleep too much, was surounded by amazing dreams of cities and places, spaceships and actions beyond the natural environment my city has created in my life. I do need to travel, secret destinies i have selected for my adventures sure will want me for real …
All the secrets inside this words wish for better timings, new confidence and more productivity
I wish all the stars a Happy New Year


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