once upon a time there was a line that wanted to rule the world, it was an empty or only a vacum cleaner or like we say a chanel that you catch or better a ox or a cilindric for of being or just summer nudists showing off, sort of interesting hardpower
Better than that can be fur
new sounds or dissonant, like cortez said no one sais it like that it goes down or up with a slip of second like a wave performance
could there be a chapter about space in the Treaty and we just say naivy still feeds the pirates
could there be a pain chapter and tears wispers
could you lay down or lie about what u have done maybe math tests under the pillow
or analitic descriptions of faroes and farois and there would be a open question about stupid new generations like grandmother said, an open question mark there
well sapiens or complex or decieving or to much in sin
well egos and kisses
flirsts and boats, pillows and pillows

(it does continue)


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