what you

i was looking at a cool trailer but clicked text before it ended so i wonder how it finishes now and don’t focus on what i wanted to write, but in the context there could be a infinite possibilities depending on what you want to express.
I wonder what are we trying to express when the last song i heard was something like no tears left for you nothing else. It is a new moon or a new range of possibilities opening in our way, we, so tired of new begining and no conclusions or absolute achievements, we, so tired of words and images, looking for new sounds and attitudes.
Could a bell ringing answer to your call or that’s just another vain signal and another frustrated answer of a love you don’t want to persue or you so iluded you think you have to see something new.
Could i be so terably mistaken about life i want someone that has been singing to me for twelve year but not chained on my bed, could i be so worried about this year that is so depressing for all that i had to be different some how and feel happy, how could i be happy with nothing really done by me, oh yes a coorporation, a group work, lot’s of pages for closets and nothing really makes you stand out from the closet the same closet with glass windows.
What you can and can’t do, what, a story with no context, or a story with a conyext. A lover outside the closet or locked for you, a happy day or a nostagia that brings you back to tears.
can or can’t listen to the same songs all over again upload videos for public display or dance at the window wile still wondering why you can’t quite remember what was so good while dreaming before you wake up.


One thought on “what you

  1. Sometimes, words are not enought, words are over the feeling they should carry, words are meaningless… Sometimes, answers can be found in the other glance, on his skin, in his breath rythm or maybe sometimes we ask the question with no desire to find an answer….


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