when you start from zero everyday it’s hard to overcome the inercia of not knowing what you can expect for real, it’s like expectation but no gain, like the weather forecast.
Could your plantation grow on a average rate or a different risk manegment be compensating the lost of the last years
From the Ministry to the dumpster, that’s what you feel.
Can different interest rates be part of speculating more than possible to acheive or you actually are able to respond to a internet failure a disconnection to your online figure that come in and out like a diled number of a past phone call, saved on air or recorded in HD what can u say to all this IMF:
i started the IFE – HE WOULD SAY – that stands for Internet Federation of Europe and where is he now – some what – running away
Again save a placefor me where ever you are
Again say a praire for the living while they still care
Again say a word for your self and gain a smile that will transform the sadness in your eyes, they shine you know and that’s no mistery, no secret
a confusion, again, mainly a wisper and a sad lullaby a funeral for the lost generations for wariors and nations for the gain of status and fortunes
wile the plantation in contaminated with your greed.
Say something for you, once you have been in their houses and shared a tea, could you really open your heart it’s urgent you stand for oposition in fact and assume a new ledership no silence or peace can resolve your unfinished business.
Could the nightmare be real, could those suits be more than ghosts, actors that standout to tell you about lust, or just a word for the unknown?
could you overcome all dept and start from scratch what can be a difficult task to assume.
Could you really be scared of your own shadow or just afraid it’s to loud. There must be a cause for you somewhere, something to hold on to even if you don’t see it now
There must be a lost cause for you somewhere while you call friends to your strangers and ask for direction everytime you came out on the streets
What can you expect of this discovery what can you say from the underground where you enter and the exit is lost in so many different exits.
It’s good you are not suicidal
For instance you would say that would be a coward thing,
for instance you say there so few information, so few content that can actually make a difference, you have to save yourself from the mainstream but where can you hide when you were born downtown and everyone’s greeting are getting suspicious
where can you start over when all the ife dream was a mess after all or still to reveal something good
i guess it’s to peacefull without your presence, you just stopped calling in the morning that was a rotine i endure and miss really
what can a women say of man’s counsciences when they are worlds apart, world that must meet
what can you tell me from your telepatic world where all colours are distint and when you say you are replaceble, i didn’t want you to be replaceble, that’s the call of the day
Well another said you are great when you are lonely and we are great and lonely but starving for new generations, and a kid to educate to call yours and tell all we done for the years, almost there
Anyway a kid will know it all better than you know now and after a while we could learn toghether how to make this world a better place when it’s brialiant already but so sad when you loose a friend
Not when you discover they are all cinics or just a smile for every ocasion, well you animal of lust need to go open the gate
talk to you later


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