Writing a poem

writing a poem


on a dress with a long tale

a shade with a long whale

a movement of a true tail

the wind of a spin dance

walking in close transe

falling in a bright chance

on books


taking care of the ones i have read

caring for there long forgotten dreams

opening the pages of fresh renewed spirits

when the clouds move slowly and dance with us

reading softly your secrets

embracing your sweet surrenders

embracing your fragile thoughts and finding huge ideas

reflecting on the tails of castels and arms

procedings of all the kinds of misteries

closer to the rituals of the flesh

reencarnetes the soul of a story

you have to be said

they say and it is

they can and you are

are you reading me?

sing you


a dance on the garden

a plane on my head

a force of the eden

a place i have said

try to sing so hard so close to the heart

open up the eyes of a infinite sky

calling upon you to dress me like a queen

white silk and pearls

dreams of a thousand suns

running into the forest

climbing the highest trees

dancing with the flowers

meditating upon the gift of life




some friends


the ones who worrie with me

the ones who passed away

the ones who i haven’t seen in a while

if i lay my eyes on you with my imagination 

i see you

you all smile in my thoughts






all the dates

all the words

all the letters

have been spelt, all the crowds of mysterie have been sent into the wild

all the imaginary creatures that live in parallel words

gathered to make you better to open the eyes of your soul and call upon your wisdom

have a nice cup of tea and tell them your name and you will see the power within you

you will talk clearly, you will dance stranger and energetic

your name holds many secrets

your presence can make the change needed in the world

we are near

think about it


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