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Dear Lisa, 

The Chinese New Year marks the start of the Chinese Year of the Horse, but as I write this letter, horses across the country are headed to auction and then on a terrifying trip to the kill floor of a slaughterhouse. 

PETA is leading the effort to stop the slaughter of horses as well as the breeding of horses for racing that contributes to it. Won’t you help strengthen our groundbreaking work to save horses now? 

PETA’s first-ever exposé of the terrifying transport of horses to slaughter revealed horrific suffering. Tens of thousands of horses in the U.S. are trucked to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico each year. PETA investigators rode with and followed a transporter carrying 33 horses from a livestock auction in Iowa to a slaughterhouse in Québec in order to document what the animals endure. During the 1,100-mile, 36-hour ordeal, the horses suffered in subfreezing conditions and were never given food, water, or a chance to get off the trailer and stretch their legs. 

At the slaughterhouse, horses face a terrifying and gruesome death.Undercover video footage taken inside the Québec facility revealed that at least 40 percent of the horses were still conscious after receiving a captive-bolt shot to the head. One horse endured an agonizing 11 shots before finally collapsing. Workers then string up the animals by one leg and cut their throats. 

Help us stop this awful practice and save horses now! 

The horse-racing industry can’t deny its connection to horse slaughter. Of the 130,000 horses killed in Canada and Mexico each year, at least 10,000 are thoroughbreds. PETA made a huge breakthrough in our efforts to halt the thoroughbred racing industry’s practice of breeding 25,000 new foals every year and then tossing away thousands like garbage: Thanks to PETA’s efforts, the racing industry, including professional horse-racing organizations, racehorse owners, jockeys, horse-rescue experts, racetrack owners, The Jockey Club, and other stakeholders, launched the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA), the first industrywide racing organization to care for discarded thoroughbreds.Please help us do more for them in 2014 by making a generous gift to our work to ban horse slaughter and promote humane reforms in the racing industry! 

Over the last year, as we recommended, the TAA has been inspecting and accrediting thoroughbred sanctuaries while also raising funds from within the industry to get the horses into these sanctuaries. It has accredited 20 facilities to take in retired horses and has given out $1 million in grants for their care. 

Much more work needs to be done, but this is great progress for the program’s first year and will soon mean that some thoroughbreds can look forward to a decent “retirement” home instead of a slaughterhouse. But we need your support to ban the sale and transport of horses for slaughter and to push for further racing-industry reforms. 

Take a stand today to help us end the suffering of animals wherever and whenever it occurs. Thank you for playing a part in our work to stop the abuse and neglect of all animals! 

Kind regards, 
Ingrid E. Newkirk 


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