Stand by

Stand by
by Lisa Henriques
Have you forgotten how to love yourself ?
When all is clouded and not working for you remember you said to yourself you would not give up
on your beliefs and all will make sense with time.
Right now, it seems there is a conspiracy in the world against all the words of peace and
understanding like you should be educated in rage and disaproving this just be aware and alert,
ready for the new alliance.
Considering all you have seen, focus on the things that have made you smile on your path and care
for all you have shared with others.
There comes a time when you realise the minimal details made the difference in your daily routine.
When was the last time you went dancing?
Nowadays it’s hard to praise each other we become cold, a little disapointed, but c’mon how can you
forget those who still call you to ask if you are ok and go for a cup of coffee or sit at the bar
drinking rum talking about how chocked we were to see vilages completly destroid by war.
The war, like if it was a different planet, like if we were not affected and smartphones places on a
paralel universe like there was a different crononology we were modern and midle age had really
ended when it didn’t.
Please, try again later, the number you have just dialed is not available, you are on hold, not sure
with whom you should be talking to help change this state of events, this chaos you can’t believe
you are a part of. So, now what? What are you going to do about it?
Let’s try to talk about it to everyone, be there for others cause the trauma is still very present, a open
wound, a bleeding heart that we share.
Before the war we had dreams, let’s work on getting on our own feet and walk confident of our
values and capabilities respecting nature we claim our dignity and will plant the seeds of hope and
see them grow healthy. Let’s disconnet from their threats. The road will rise to meet you and you
won’t be shy.


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