When we start to develop an idea many concepts arise.

Ideas come to mind and we start to question them has they come up, all this questions are part of the process to define what we were looking for and what we want to express

The night is never long enougth when we are writing about what we lived and this sketches grow, mature and bring new light to the day time.

Showroom your world, delights are wonders, gifts, the present state conspiring for you…

Details and movemments, breathing deep and dreaming outloud.

Speack your mind, dare to open your heart …

21_dsc0304 8mm 30177317-01_big acastiglioni-studio-05 Viviene Westwood Opening ballet6 Behind-the-Scenes-Styling-Photoshoot cabide bs cnb corolhos eco food-styling-workshop-049 Junky-Styling-fly-top-001 gautier prodanca punk_met shop showroom showroom1 showroom3 showroom4 showroom5 showroom_knightsbridge_london_suzanneneville1 triangles tule Vivienne-Westwood-Anglomania-Boeing-Blouse-Black-1 window writing


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