I Ching

 Every union meets with challenges, and if we are not resolute against the effects of fear, doubt, despair, and anger, no lasting success will be possible in any relationship. This is a good time to ask yourself if you are displaying the steadfast correctness and strength of character that are at the heart of all great unions.

A genuine commitment to truth is the fundamental building block of all relationships. Where this is not present there can be no union. . . Proper relationships flow from proper principles. Do not cling to others, but to your own neutrality, humility, and steady devotion to truth. Allow others to come and go as they must.

In the end, it is our inner worth that determines the conditions of our lives. . . . Others must be allowed to find their own way. Be friendly, but cling to correctness, humility, and detachment from events. Inner independence leads to good fortune. . . . Acceptance and inner balance move mountains that striving cannot. The fruit of good fortune springs from the seed of good conduct.
– random excerpts from The I Ching, or Book of Changes, a Guide to Life’s Turning Points by Brian Browne Walker


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