extended version of poem translated from
Aufgang Luz Nebulosa
by Lisa Henriques


The Shadows,
Reflections of what we were,
The substance that reveals us conscience:
Fruit of fire that burns in silence

What, reality confuses us,
When it is defined by concepts so or more insufficient
Or inexistent than the matter of Shadows

We fell by the described action
Under the fragile cape of movements
We consider heroic
Fragile like the heartbeat
Wounded in its pride
After higher flights

We fell sometimes
For actions beyond legal limits
That hide the sense in it’s self

Legal, our hopes
For the ones we live with
They surround us, loyal

Looking to overcome ourselves
When the way is sensible like human fragility

We didn’t committed any real crime
But doubt, cover us with uncertainty
Scream that echoes

You seem to consider life superior to the moments we question ourselves
Certainty looks distant
And our influence seems less positive or relevant

Lost, maybe in a higher love
Higher than space

There is chock
That calls us to silence

You can speak of the hours
In which we face ourselves
We are described in a second with a lie based on stereotypes,
Error facing the Truth
Assorted, we walk in a deep abysm
Looking for other abysms
Capable of opening space in other directions

When we were looking for the simplest things
We are confronted with huge questions
So we redouble the attention in our actions
All we didn’t do
All expectations
All ideas of what was supposed to happen
What did happen is another story,
None to blame but a real disgust

How could it be
I should have been born a duck
At least I could walk over water

It is heart braking
All in the name of others until you left alone
Different objectives
Different ways of understanding the world
Different views of the same object

We forgot
It was one
Then we were no sure
Now there is nothing left

Could it be a question?
Don’t worry
A new one arises from the first and so on
That helps
Not with the conclusions
Less with plan opinions and sharing profits
We did lost track of the world somehow

Anyway the planet is living
Parallel universe from the irrelevant perfect family lives of humans

The fields are growing
The trees have walked the track and found water sources
It’s advanced gym for evolved mutation plants
Yes, they have grown out from desolation,
Burnt soil, not sure how bad were the damages, but this new born are healthy
A start
A major challenge
So on


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