Strictly no running

all caps delivered at the entrance door

we are loking for some samurai gun powder

please dont forget to stop your cannons

resume to your personnal corporate offices

dont forget to pay your unreported pictures at gargoile doors

terribly sorr but im late for a class

next time maybe



Dont worrie

i got here first

david linch


is there a hospital

wait is the airport still there


the mayor can point shoe dance in my place at Roh


i m planning my next arch design

no gate

no keys

did a report the bag

card is visa

got stollen a while ago

not enought room for extra toy fur hats

to sweet

you cant ask for blood samples to someone on its to the airport

blood samples are not prof

signatures in time for no breakfast

last dream

we could not pay for a full week

report to piano lesson at bbc national galery

no t phones allowed

no gorilas on my track

please dont feed my lion

extrictry non suicidals allowed

to black books

you can write better tan evil flower

report at lus there is a camera missing






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