Time is running out faster than nuclear reaction

my proposal prepare myself a chemical that slows the reaction of metal corrosion which is toxic to water and soils

to protect soil and water from the red

this can be an accademic international essay open to all

test can happen at pacific ocean

any claim it is intended from the atlantics to get even they do not know what they voted already

this can be an inniciative that will help all the people who care


There are oficial languages and work languages

i can not start to explain to my self how they did not understand when all this started it was not an offencive remark and they just could not understand each other language

Excuse me for now

locked heart

same word

the declaration is written i m still not ready to translate it

it wil look like i am part of their assassins pacts,

you do not need to fake my death

i m sure you will execute it

just do not think i did it for you

the first shot was not what you think

i get to see the extent of your betrail

extra notes for torture

so i can not focus or move