Mudras: O Poder de Cura de Suas Mãos

A Luz é Invencível

Você sabia que suas mãos possuem um poder de cura inato que tem sido usado durante séculos ?

Mudras são as posições das mãos que influenciam a energia do seu corpo físico, emocional e espiritual.

Os Mudras têm sido utilizados no Oriente há milhares de anos e foram praticados por muitos líderes espirituais incluindo Buddha. Hoje, os Mudras ainda são usados em yoga e meditação.

Às vezes, podemos inconscientemente colocar nossas mãos em posições de mudra sem sabê-lo, outras vezes podemos usá-los para ajudar a canalizar e estimular a cicatrização.

Existem centenas de Mudras, mas aqui estão alguns dos mais comuns:

1.) Mudra Gyan (Mudra do Conhecimento):
A ponta do dedo indicador toca a ponta do polegar, enquanto os outros dedos permanecem retos.

Benefícios: Melhora o conhecimento, estimula a hipófise e glândulas endócrinas, aumenta a memória, ajuda na meditação, previne a insônia, ajuda a melhorar o humor e traz clareza…

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Heart Field

13645089_10210020610212684_1727894462482202846_nEnergy changes with intention, instantaneously and powerfully. Changing your electromagnetic field of energy is not difficult, nor does it take years of study or practice. It is immediate. You can understand this by simply changing your thoughts and noticing the instant shift in the energy within and around you. Through practice, you can better manage, moment to moment, the energy that surrounds you.

Our organic human space suits consist of individual cellular galaxies that operate within different electrical frequencies. The heart frequency which is the strongest vibrates differently different than the liver, is different than the kidneys, is different than the skin, is different than the brain. All giving off their own unique signature vibration. But what if we could harmonize all to one frequency, and create a harmonious song between all parts of this vibrational being we find ourselves within.

When seeing your own being, as pure loving potential, vibrantly alive and as a reflection into every Being you encounter, know that this same essence has the same heart, filled with aches and pains, joys and sorrows, triumphs and failures as you. Emanate from your heart space the love that you know yourself to be. Infect those around you with loving insertive and reactive behaviors.

Remember you have access to your heart field which exte 13615428_10210020709175158_8427909423021335595_n nds 8 feet in the shape of a torus (donut) around you. Imagine this field interacting with others, communicating joy, love, empathy, peace, and togetherness as it mingles the heart spaces become resonant. It does not matter if you cannot see it. Science has proven it’s existence, so now it is up to you to remember and know this truth. Know it is there, feel it, and send loving kindness through it, watch the reactions of those within your bubble as they also feel it. Know that what you are directing your heart field toward with intention is actually occurring. This is our creative energy field, whatever we are feeling or habitually thinking about is sent out through this torus field of energy, and either attracts or repels according to what is being sent.torus

This also happens in prayer at a level beyond space and time, and so touches those you focus upon. Remember? We are powerful beyond our wildest imaginings.

The Heart’s electromagnetic frequency arcs out from the Heart and back in the form of a torus field. The axis of this Heart torus extends from the pelvic floor to the top of the skull, and the whole field is holographic, meaning that information about it can be read from each and every point in the torus. The Hearts’ torus electromagnetic field is not the only source that emits this type of electromagnetic field. Every atom emits the same torus field. The Earth is also at the centre of a torus, so is the solar system and even our galaxy, all are holographic. Scientists believe there is a good possibility that there is only one universal torus encompassing an infinite number of interacting, holographic tori within its spectrum. Because electromagnetic torus fields are holographic, it is more than likely that the sum total of our Universe is present within the frequency spectrum of a single torus. This means that each one of us is connected to the entire Universe and as such, can access all the information within it at any given moment.

– Healing Sun

Chakra System

There are two main flows of energies contributing to the balance of the chakra system: An upward flow coming from the earth’s magnetic field going up the chakras, and a downward flow coming from a universal, all encompassing energy. These two main currents of energy are said to balance the whole system. Another view emphasizes the upward feeding flow of energy from the root chakra and up.

This dualism in sources of energies is reminiscent of the old philosophical question of “mind over matter” and the origins and causes of the psyche and consciousness.